Monday, December 7, 2009

Suggestions for comforting psychic children who see spirits

It is believed that children are much more in touch with their psychic abilities. It is fascinating to hear stories of children who can recall past life experiences, talk to invisible friends, and even see spirits. These can be enriching and exciting experiences for children, but sometimes a run-in with spirits can be very scary.

So, how can you comfort your child and ease his or her worries about spirits without discrediting their psychic abilities?

The first thing to do is let your child know that the spirits can not hurt them. You can also let your child know that he or she can communicate with the spirit by speaking to them. Your child can simply ask the spirit to leave. Let your child know that he or she can be polite, yet firm, in his or her request to have the spirit leave. One suggestion would be to say, “We thank you for visiting, but this isn’t your home. I need to get some sleep, and when you are here, I am too scared to sleep. Please leave now.” Stay with your child while he or she does this, and also add to the request in your own words, stating that you are the mother or father, and ask for the spirit to leave as well.

Before your child goes to bed, tell your him or her to imagine being surrounded by a bright circle of white light. Let your child know that the white light is warm and loving, and will help him or her relax and sleep well. This white light is a nice "psychic boundary," and a good way for empathetic people to guard themselves from feeling like they've gaining too much psychic information.

A couple other things you may want to try are smudging and sea salt. Smudging the house with a white sage smudge stick will help to purify and protect the home. While smudging, ask the spirits to leave because they are scaring your child. A highly powerful psychic boundary can also be created out of sea salt. Sea salt has protective qualities that may help to create a protected area where negativity cannot penetrate. Scatter sea salt around the edges of your child’s room to keep the spirits out.

Another thing your child might have fun putting together is a little amulet bag. Find a small bag you can have your child put crystals with protective properties. Chalcedony, hematite, and turquoise may be good ones for this project, as they are protective and help with peaceful sleep. However, your child will have fun picking out items that feel like good luck charms, and being a natural empath, he or she will be drawn to the stones that will offer the best protection and happiness!

Questions for you: have you felt the presence of spirits in your house? Have you seen anything? Share a story!

Please feel free to leave a comment or a question below. Thank you for reading, and brightest blessings!


  1. Good, comforting suggestions for a child.

  2. Thank you! I had a client recently who needed help and advice, and this is basically what I told her. I'd love to hear from mommy's and daddy's who have had to go through this, and how they handled it!

  3. I have felt spirits in my house before, but the first that I was aware of was a spirit guide that looked uncomfortably like a shadow person. I have also been asked who was in my room last night--someone came through the front door, down the hall, and opened and closed the door to my room. Seconds later a male voice and mine were heard conversing. I have no recollection of this, but both my mother and sister heard it. There was no physical explanation.
    Things like this were discouraged growing up, however. I've tried to be much more supportive of my little sister's abilities.

  4. What makes you think that the spirits can't harm them? Amulets have been used to protect children for millenia - for good reasons.