Wednesday, December 23, 2009

One holiday, one humanity, one world

We see that the celebration of a holiday at this time of the year is almost universal in human experience and occurs in every culture. Whether Christmas, Yule, Solstice, or by any other name, the resonance of late December's lengthening daylight is embedded deep in the collective consciousness of humanity, as evidenced by such celebrations on every continent.

In case you need further proof that we are all part of one world and one entity, we submit the evidence in quantum physics: in the subatomic realm there is only energy, it is one energy and it is everywhere simultaneously. Paired electrons change their spin as if they are connected, regardless of the distance between them, and the concept of "matter" vanishes, because matter does not exist except as a collection of energy.

How then can we celebrate the unity we know we share with the whole world?

Cooperation: celebrate the connected-ness of us all by working together for the common good in the spirit of cooperation and friendship. Look at your fellow man and recognize they are you, you are them, and we are all part of the supreme deity.

Ecology: When we disrespect the planet, we disrespect our own existence. We know now that our planet operates as one organism, with her components so interdependent as to threaten our entire existence when we pollute her and destroy her vegitation. Earth deserves our utmost respect and our best stewardship.

Meditation: The world and our everyday lives are a materialistic distraction from our true existence. Celebrate our unity by means of meditation or prayer, to help us better appreciate how trivial the material world is, and to help us aspire to an awareness of our one common soul.

Self-love: How do we treat the body that we have been given, this body that is part of all creation? Do we take care of it, feed it properly, and do all we can to keep it healthy? Although we do transcend our physical selves, I firmly believe that good care of the body we have been blessed with is an important way we contribute to the collective well-being of mankind.

I wish all readers of the Lunar Gazette a wonderful holiday of peace, togetherness, and joy. I can't resist embedding "One" by U2, even with its images of suffering.

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  1. Your four points-cooperation, ecology, meditation, and self-love are so thoughtful and key to remember at this time of the year.