Thursday, July 21, 2011


Mother Goddess

Ethereal, compassion within you,
Bare feet on the earth with glistening obsidian mane,
Donned like a queen. Magnificent
Smiles on the daisies at your feet.
Soundlessly wrapped in your chrysalis,
Sparking inspiration as muses do.
Whispering children in the dark
From twilight to dawning morn.
O hear me, thy pagan Mother.

Elusive as secrets and sought out like wealth.
Closer than Yaweh.
Open-armed shutters, our haven’s protector.
Content as a babe at my breast
Like a cat warmed by the hearth.
A bubbling spring, flowing.
Sweet as strawberry to my lips.
Wooing, like a young lover -
A neophyte; a mirror of your truth.

Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Psychic protection

I have not posted on the Lunar Gazette in a long time but feel compelled to do so now. I hope all readers are having a nice summer.

I just finished a book that was very significant to me, and I feel someone out there needs to read it, too. It's an older work called Psychic Self-Defense by the noted occultist Dion Fortune.

Fortune herself was the victim of a psychic attack by a superior at a school she attended, and she relates the attacker's methods and the effects in detail. Determined never to be such a victim again, she develops and, in this book, tabulates the methods by which we can defend ourselves against those who would use evil and aggression as a weapon.

Psychic Self-Defense is excellent reading and great advice that has helped me. I get the feeling there is another reader out there who also needs this help, so I'm posting here at Lunar Gazette hoping that person will recognize themselves! The book is available in all the normal channels, or you can download a public-domain version for your e-reader at the Occult Underground web site.