Sunday, December 20, 2009

Nature Dancers

This is a wonderful poem by Father Witch.

Nature Dancers

I dance this night upon a stage called earth.
Pondering the next step that I should take
In the many silent songs called life.
I must create my own dance
With the whispers of the winds
And the moon, as she cast her shadows
On my soul and silhouettes.
I can sing without words.
I can jump from star to star.
In the vastness of this dance without a song.
My spirit can truly sour,
As the silence brings forth sound.
Suddenly, music is all around.
I dance upon this stage
Until the performance is complete.
Unto this life I must accept defeat.
But, by listening to silence
And understanding life,
Death will only bring me to my feet.
I dance this night upon a stage called earth.
To a song that has no sound.
I can hear the melody.
I can see the audience of life around me.
So I shall dance until my soul is found.
My silhouettes shall spring to life
With the rising of the sun.
And they shall dance unto a different tune.
We are merely dancers in the performance of our lives.
Cast by the creator of all things.
And judged by the values that we bring-
To the dance.


  1. I send you bright blessings, Kiki. Father Witch

  2. Thank you for sharing your poem with us! Please stay in touch, and many blessings to you as well!

  3. Best of the best to you and yours, and thanks for the inspiring poetry.