Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Strange Dreams

I used to be really good about keeping a dream journal. These days, "not so much" but I had occasion to look over my journal recently and relive some very strange nocturnal excursions. Some brought a smile, and some a raised eyebrow.

It's been said that dreaming is the body's way of preparing for the consciousness of the waking day; that the purpose of dreaming is thus physiological and not psychological as has been the traditional line of thought.

In the spirit of sharing, here are some of the dreams I am most intrigued about, for one reason or another.

I had to go to St. Louis for some reason, probably work. Was looking at a map that had weird roads in a body of water, like a causeway that had many pull-off areas. At one of these pull-off parking lots, I took a huge Dremel power tool with a metal-cutting wheel and started cutting one of the cars in half lengthwise, to create a parking space for myself evidently. I was chastised by some unknown authorities for doing this. Many cars had side panels sliced off, always lengthwise. Cars were driving around without passenger side doors and fenders...very strange.

This is part of an ongoing office building dream. The ongoing part is, I work in a unique building with elevators that go left-and-right and fore-and-aft, as well as up-and-down. The cars get routed the best way. One day I use a building entrance I don't usually use and ride to the top floor with some executive types I don't recognize. Then the elevator zig-zags to my floor. However in today's dream, I'm visiting multiple floors. One of the lobbies has a scale which I want to use, one of the old-style scales with the big dial at eye-level that take a quarter. In this room I recognize a tablet (pad) with my writing on it that I must have left there at a previous visit. It's resting on a foot stool or something low to the floor. I'm amazed at how long it must have been there because I don't remember leaving it there.

I'm at home, near the back window when I see a HUGE object in the sky, blotting out the sun. I recognize it as the Goodyear blimp but it's flying way too low. I grab my son and we get in the car to follow the blimp. We end up in another part of our housing plan, and people are standing around saying the blimp has landed or crashed. My kid's tired and snoozes in the car so I don't wake him up. Walking around the plan's streets (everyone else is too), I finally climb the bleachers of a football stadium where at the top row, you can see a little better. I only see the tail end of the cab of the blimp (the upper part has deflated evidently). Through people talking or news reports, I learn that the New York Rangers were passengers on the blimp. We don't know of their status but the cab does not look too banged up. One thing though, the cab seems to have settled over a swimming pool, but doesn't sink (it's too big and hangs over the side).

This one starts with a woman dying...I can't determine who. Then I realize, I died too. I get to know about being able to see the world but not being part of it. The dead start to line up in a row, but I stay behind the woman, holding her from behind to show affection. Of course the living cannot see us.

Last one. I'm on the subway, and the driver is being a real dick...pulling away from the station with the doors still open, de-coupling the cars in motion, driving too fast and derailing. Somehow I realize the driver is a very young woman. Then, she is parking my airplane (!) in a parking lot and scrapes the left wing on a car. Finally I am inside my office, doing some paperwork, when she comes over to me and asks me if I would make her a sandwich. I firmly but politely tell her no, and relate all the awful things she's done.

I'm open to interpretation. Have fun, but be kind :-)


  1. Leviathan... I've had the sideways elevator dreams for years. I think mine is in a huge hotel. I remember once, I had to go to the 120th floor. The elevator car is huge, as if it's a service elevator. How odd!

  2. Glad to know I am not the only one who dreams about versatile elevators...how strange is that!

  3. Been working with Lucid dreaming for about year now. It can be fun and totally frustrating at times. Takes a lot of work.
    And the dream journal is an important part of that work. :)