Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Pagan Poetry

Artwork - Jennifer Galasso


The laughter of children invigorates me.
Such precious gems in the crown of the Queen Mother!
I feel her grand spirit sparkle.

From her lips whispers and sighs
Escape like the warm breeze
It is Litha.

Fluttering and floating through the meadow,
What do you believe of the fae?
I wear translucent wings, I dance.

Oak King and Holly King present.
Brothers though they duel,
For the right of dominion.
The Oak King claims victory.

Sun King and Queen of Summer,
Belly swollen with seed of life
The Son born on Yule.

O Spirit, such celebration!
Fertile Earth blossoming with life
“Blessed be,” I chant.

© CricketSong, 2010

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