Saturday, March 13, 2010

Patterns of Vibration

How do we perceive something? We see, hear, smell, touch and taste our way through life, right? We depend on these physical senses to tell us about the material world around us. But these five only go so far.

It's no coincidence that abilities we would call "psychic" in nature are also called a sixth sense; that is, above and beyond the five familiar ones. We all experience intuition--which we've talked about before--but what is intuition, really? It's the ability to recognize patterns of vibration.

The material world around us is vibrating in patterns familiar to us. The atoms of the keyboard under my fingers vibrate in the pattern of plastic. The screen in front of me looks like a steady image, but it's actually a vibration of still frames being updated more quickly than my eyes can perceive. I think the keyboard is solid, but quantum physics tells us it is still atomic particles vibrating in a plastick-y pattern.

So it is that we can "flex" our psychic ability by focusing on the vibrational energy of ideas and thoughts, which are "things" just like my keyboard and screen are.

Look at the yin/yang symbol we all know and love. It is static, but when we look at it, we sense movement, we sense the vibration. Is the black moving into the white field or vice-versa? Does it change back and forth as we are looking at it? Congratulations, you have discovered the pattern of vibration of this symbol and have tuned in to it. The same concept extends to the rest of our universe.

Psychics describe holding an object belonging to another person as "tuning in" to that person. The metaphor of tuning, like a radio, is perfect. When you turn the radio knob you match the vibration (frequency) of the station to that of the receiver, and exclude all the other stations on different frequencies. You match the pattern of vibration.

Our minds are powerful pattern-matching and vibration-matching tools. Remember the old TV show "Name that Tune"? Hear three or four notes and you can immediately hear the entire song in your mind. This illustrates vividly how our minds are pre-programmed with this gift of recognition (which, by the way, computers are FAR inferior in.)

Meditation and practice can help us to better perceive energy patterns and vibrations. These patterns reside in the fourth dimension outside the familiar three. It's this dimension that is the realm of ideas, of thoughts, and creativity.

It also illustrates that despite all of human achievement there is still so much to learn about our universe and its creator.

(source: "Awakening your Psychic Powers" by Henry Reed, 1988, St. Martins)

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