Thursday, March 4, 2010

Early Humans and The Divine

I have a YouTube channel and often post videos for a variety of reasons. I also subscribe to other channels that are owned by spiritually like minded individuals. There is a new user on YouTube (MoonlitOpal) whom I’ve recently discovered. I find that she has interesting topics pertaining to religion and spirituality. Recently she posted a video - Early Humans and The Divine. In it she asks the question, “Where did the idea of god or gods or spiritual stuff or a plane of existence beyond what we can physically see; where did that come from?” She goes on to question why these primitive humans, who had limited means of communication, saw lightning and not react with, “Whoa that’s scary!” Instead they some how came up with the abstract idea that there was an invisible power or being that controlled the environment around them.

I find this topic interesting as well. It made me think and meditate though I felt I already knew the answer. You see, I believe that we all are connected to each other and to Source or The Divine. Our physical bodies are just vessels that we inhabit on this plane of existence. This is not the only plane of existence. There is another. Many religions, many people believe as I do however, they may label the other plane differently: paradise, heaven, nirvana, Summerland, the other side, the other world, and so on. But the point is many of us already know that this isn’t it. This isn’t all there is that once we die or transition we continue on to a life everlasting.

But … I believe that before we were born here on this physical plane in this current life - we already existed. This isn’t our beginning. At least not our true beginning. We existed before and we will continue to exist. And again there are other religions and spiritual paths that also believe in a similar concept though you will find differences of opinion here as well. Honestly though, to continue with my answer to MoonlitOpal’s question, it doesn’t matter what those differences are – just that there is a similar belief that I hold with others of like mind.

Now, since I believe we existed before now and will continue to exist after now it means that I hold knowledge within me prior to what I attain while I am here on this plane. And since I believe that I existed in some form – a truer form than that which this physical body allows, I carry knowledge that is shared with all humanity from all points in time including the distant linear past.

Now, back to the original question. Those primitive humans were closer to Source than you and I are now. Their existence prior to being born here on earth was WITH The Divine so instinctively they knew that there was a higher plane of existence – an existence that could not be seen with their limited human eyes but with something else. Their Inner Self. Their Higher Self. Their Spirit which was still in vibrational alignment with Source. So when they witnessed lightening they created a Lightening God that they could relate to on a physical level. When they felt the wind they created a Wind God that embodied the aspect of The Divine in a way they could see and relate to. They felt the desire to manifest on earth that which they were missing – that which still existed on the spiritual plane. That is how spirituality and religion as we understand it now was born. And this is why I believe that all the individual paths that you find lead to the Source because it is where we all originated from and where we are all looking to return to.

Bright Blessings!

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