Thursday, October 14, 2010

Samhain Celebrations on Etsy

Here’s this year’s picks for some fantastic items at Etsy to spice up your Samhain celebrations.

Witches Altar Spirit Board An enchating spirit board with candle holders and a scrying mirror.

Laced Draped Spectre Whipped Soap Described as a “hauntingly feminine blend” of vanilla, carnation and green pepper fragrances.

Hand Forged Cauldron Styled Censer A stunning hand-forged censer that makes incense burning an absolute joy. And, according to the master crafter, “is sure to become an heirloom item, worthy of your bloodline.”

Black Cauldron Herbal Incense A mysterious and dark scent with cinnamon, resins, patchouli, and other Samhain-inspired herbs. Perfect for the Hand Forged Censer.

Day of the Dead Owl Locket A gorgeous locket inspired by Day of the Dead sugar skulls.

Tarot Reader Sling Pouch Baba Studio of Prague highlights their incredible, gothic-inspired art on this bag.

Witch’s Tea Delight A wonderful tea that sounds like the perfect addition to the Samhain feast. It contains cardamon, hawthorn leaf and berry, elderberry, fennel, vervain and apple. It comes with a vial of spirulina if you wish to add a dash for a green color.

All Hallows Eve Ritual Oil for SamhainThe wonderful Moon Lit Herbals have a fantastic oil blend for Samhain.

Samhain Otherworld Tarot Reading Our very own Kiki is offering the best reading of the season! She’ll be drawing the cards on Samhain eve and Samhain, for a stunning divination experience.

Black Mirror Necklace A fine necklace with a black amulet pendant that doubles as a scrying tool.


  1. I know the owners of the shop that sells the Black Cauldron Herbal Incense. Their items are truly magickal! Plus they are super sweet folks.

  2. Thanks for finding all this neat stuff! I bought a Baba Studio of Prague tarot bag once. They have such gorgeous designs!

  3. They are so awesome- aren't they? I just got the Bohemian Gothic Tarot Deck from them. It's absolutely stunning and perfect for the season!