Monday, September 13, 2010

Spell to Brigid for Inspiration

This is a great spell to try when you have a project that you need a little inspiration for.

You will need:
*Sunflower Seeds
*Small Flower Pot
*Yellow Paint & Paint Brush
*Yellow Candle (votive or tea light preferable)
*Crystals for adornment- consider citrine, orange or honey calcite, tiger’s eye, or crystal quartz (optional)

To amplify the spell try to:
*complete it on a Wednesday
*or, try to complete it during the first hour after sunrise on a Wednesday.

Begin by thinking about the goal at hand. Do you wish to study for an exam? Do you need to write an essay, or research an entire book? Decide what the goal is, and take a moment to imagine yourself completing the project.

This is a fun project that involves a little painting! On the flower pot, paint symbols associated with study, inspiration and communication. Try using the Ansuz-rune, the symbol for Mercury, or perhaps writing meaningful words, such as “concentration,” “creativity,” “inspiration,” “motivation,” and so on.

Mix the almonds and sunflower seeds together. While doing this, imagine yourself completing the study project you have at hand. Imagine yourself studying, reading, writing, and getting wonderful grades. Imagine the almonds and sunflower seeds glowing yellow, then place them into the pot.

Put the candle into the pot, making sure that it is securely standing in the seeds and almonds. Adorn with crystals around the pot (if you would like).

Light the candle and say,
“Dearest Brighid, Goddess of Inspiration,
Help me find creativity and motivation.
Allow me to be aware and energized,
to be full of knowledge and be wise.
I am a student of yours, kind goddess:
Let this creative spell be blessed!
As I mote to, so will it be!”

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