Monday, April 19, 2010

Musical Tarot, revisited

A few months ago, I wondered aloud in the Book of Thoth blog about which popular songs (mainly from what's known as the "Classic Rock" era, but others too) would correspond to the individual Tarot cards. It was more of an associative exercise, you know..."this card makes me think of this", etc.

Anyway, I first considered the trump cards (Major Arcana) in one post, then the court cards in another, then the rest of the deck. I thought I'd recycle the material here in one consolidated post, for your perusal. As I have the most experience with the Thoth Tarot, that's how I thought of the attributions, and that's also how I have them listed.

0. Fool - "The Fool on the Hill", the Beatles
I. Magus (Magician) - "The Wizard", Black Sabbath
II. Priestess - "Witchy Woman", the Eagles
III. Empress - "God Save the Queen", the Sex Pistols
IV. Emperor - "Tyrant", Judas Priest
V. Hierophant - "Waitin' for the Man", Lou Reed
VI. Lovers - "Jack and Diane", John Cougar Mellencamp
VII. Chariot - "Highway Star", Deep Purple
VII. Adjustment (Justice) - "Hard Rain", Bob Dylan
IX. Hermit - "Nowhere Man", the Beatles
X. Fortune - "Proud Mary", Creedence Clearwater Revival
XI. Lust (Strength) - "Burning for You", Blue Oyster Cult
XII. Hanged Man - "Trapped", Bruce Springsteen
XIII. Death - "Bohemian Rhapsody", Queen
XIV. Art (Temperance) - "Chemistry", Rush
XV. Devil - "Sympathy for the Devil", Rolling Stones
XVI. Tower - "Rock the Casbah", the Clash
XVII. Star - "Imagine", John Lennon
XVIII. Moon - "Man on the Moon", REM
XIX. Sun - "Hot Fun in the Summertime", Sly and the Family Stone
XX. Aeon (Judgement) - "War Pigs", Black Sabbath
XXI. Universe (World) - "Across the Universe", the Beatles

Suit of WANDS

Ace - "Eclipse", Pink Floyd
2 - Dominion - "My Prerogative", Bobby Brown
3 - Virtue - "Lucky Man", Emerson Lake and Palmer
4 - Completion - "In my Time of Dying", Led Zeppelin
5 - Strife - "Seven Nation Army", White Stripes
6 - Victory - "We are the Champions", Queen
7 - Valor - "New Year's Day", U2
8 - Swiftness - "Spirit of the Radio", Rush
9 - Strength - "Right Here, Right Now", Fatboy Slim
10 - Oppression - "Under My Thumb", the Rolling Stones
Princess - "Desire", U2
Prince - "Sleep Now in the Fire", Rage Against the Machine
Queen - "Crush with Eyeliner", REM
Knight - "Fire", the Jimi Hendrix Experience

Suit of SWORDS

Ace - "Breathe", Pink Floyd
2 - Peace - "Peace Train", Cat Stevens
3 - Sorrow - "Mother", John Lennon & Plastic Ono Band
4 - Truce - "Can We Still be Friends?", Todd Rundgren
5 - Defeat - "Whipping Post", the Allman Brothers Band
6 - Science - "Come Sail Away", Styx
7 - Futility - "Holiday", Green Day
8 - Interference - "Satisfaction", the Rolling Stones
9 - Cruelty - "Ohio", Crosby, Stills, Nash, and Young
10 - Ruin - "Cities on Flame", Blue Oyster Cult
Princess - "Dolly Dagger", Jimi Hendrix
Prince - "The Rooster", Alice in Chains
Queen - "Long Cool Woman", the Hollies
Knight - "Street Fightin' Man", the Rolling Stones

Suit of DISKS

Ace - "Money", Pink Floyd
2 - Change - "Champagne Supernova", Oasis
3 - Works - "Back on the Chain Gang", the Pretenders
4 - Power - "Stand!", Sly and the Family Stone
5 - Worry - "When the Levee Breaks", Led Zeppelin
6 - Success - "Tubthumping", Chumbawamba
7 - Failure - "Go Your Own Way", Fleetwood Mac
8 - Prudence - "All Around my Hat", Steeleye Span
9 - Gain - "More More More", the Andrea True Connection
10 - Wealth - "Baby You're a Rich Man", the Beatles
Princess - "Polythene Pam", the Beatles
Prince - "Take the Money and Run", Steve Miller Band
Queen - "Strange Kind of Woman", Deep Purple
Knight - "Taxman", the Beatles

Suit of CUPS

Ace - "Us and Them", Pink Floyd
2 - Love - "No Ordinary Love", Sade
3 - Abundance - "Material Girl", Madonna
4 - Luxury - "Life's been Good", Joe Walsh
5 - Disappointment - "Who'll Stop the Rain?" - Credence Clearwater Revival
6 - Pleasure - "Can't Get Enough", Bad Company
7 - Debauch - "Snowblind", Black Sabbath
8 - Indolence - "Comfortably Numb", Pink Floyd
9 - Happiness - "Wonderful World", Louis Armstrong
10 - Satiety - "Piggies", the Beatles
Princess - "Going Down to Liverpool", Katrina and the Waves
Prince - "Space Oddity", David Bowie
Queen - "Spill the Wine", Eric Burdon
Knight - "Fool in the Rain", Led Zeppelin


  1. Thanks for sharing - I might use some of these.
    Bright Blessings Annie

  2. This had to take so much time to put together! I was just re-reading it, and shared it on my facebook wall!