Sunday, January 17, 2010

How To Use A Pendulum

Pendulum Divination (also known as pallomancy, rhabdomancy or dowsing), is divination by utilizing human sensitivity to the subtle energies emitted by any source living or inert via the pendulum.

The pendulum is a simple tool. The basic design is a weight (bob) suspended on a length of chain approximately 20 – 30 cm. Any small weight can be used for a pendulum: a pendant, a ring, a washer anything that holds weight and can attach to a chain. Quartz crystal is believed to make a powerfully accurate pendulum.
~ Before using it should be cleansed in whatever manner you feel most comfortable with: charge it under a full moon or during noonday sun, smudge it, cleanse it with salt water, bless it with a prayer or charge it with crystals.

Personally, I cleanse my pendulum with the elements during an Esbat ritual and I charge it periodically by placing it on my altar next to a large crystal cluster.

~ It is important to attune yourself to your pendulum. You can successfully do this by carrying it with you in a velvet or silk pouch for a few of days or by sleeping with it under your pillow. This will tune it to your energy signature.

~ When using any tool of divination it's vital to relax and clear your mind. Let every day worries disappear and focus only on the question being asked. You must phrase your inquiry clearly, so that no misinterpretation can be made.

~ To begin I suggest you call to your Higher Self/The Divine/Spirit Guides. I address my Spirit Guide by name and ask, “Please bestow clarity on my inquiries and interpretations. So mote it be.”

~ Hold the pendulum a few inches away from your body. You may rest your elbows on the table but it isn’t necessary to do so. Do what you feel is comfortable.

~ Hold the chain and move the pendulum in small circles moving deosil and speak aloud “Please show me which way is yes.”

~ Allow the pendulum to swing until it shows which direction “yes” is. This will either be a horizontal or vertical motion.

~ Stop it with your free hand then begin moving it in small circles again moving deosil and ask aloud, “Please show me which way is no.”

~ Allow the pendulum to swing until it shows which direction is “no”. It should be the opposite way of “yes”. If it is the same way as “yes” or if it moves in a circular motion then it is not ready to be used so put it away and try another day.

~ Now that you have determined which way is "yes" and "no”, ask test questions that you know the answer to. For example I ask, “Is today (day of the week)?” “Am I 40 years old?” Once satisfied with the answers proceed with what your purpose for the session is.

~ Between questions I take my free hand and starting at the top of the chain I draw my hand down to the pendulum envisioning my hand wiping all negative energies off the tool and into my cupped hand. I throw the energy ball off and away to the side of me. I do this twice.

~ As with all divination tools consistent use of your pendulum will forge a strong connection with your personal energy.

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  1. Wonderful instruction that even I can understand and use. Thanks, I'm taking notes, I'd like to make my own. I think that is something that would be put to an interesting use.