Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Awareness Creates a Magickal Life

Recently, I participated in an arts and crafts show, and strangely, I had a very good time, and left feeling enlightened, even though we had very few customers. Why? Because life is magickal, if you believe.

I spent time during the show, drawing positive energy together, focusing it, and showering it over all present. I assisted others in grounding, and cleansing their personal energy, to create a more positive atmosphere. And, I met a lot of interesting people, because I kept my mind open to the possibilities, instead of focusing on the negative.

This is about making a conscious choice to think positive, to be aware of your self talk, and of your own energy, and how it is being used in every day life. If we choose to focus it, we can walk a magickal path. If not, it's like Humpty Dumpty, it will all fall down and crash all around us, taking everyone and every thing within energy range, with it.

Have you ever noticed when a loved one comes home from work after a bad day, begins telling you about all the negative things that happened to them that day, and how that affects your energy level? Many times, you'll notice that they've brought you down too. You feel negative after the encounter, or sad, or depressed, or just plain bummed out. This happens in many circumstances in our lives, from random meetings with strangers, to loved ones in our homes, or even on the phone. Every encounter we have, each and every day, has the potential to affect our energy level - IF WE ALLOW IT! And that is the key.

What we allow in our lives, directly affects everything and everyone in our lives.
To be conscious of this, can assist us in correcting it, and help us in not allowing it to affect us.

So then, the next question is, how do we change it?

There are many things we can do, from grounding, to cleansing and purifying, to prayer, and setting intentions. We can also monitor our self talk, and our frame of mind, or energy, as well.

When we ground ourselves, and purify ourselves, we have effectively cleansed the negative energy out of our energy field. When we do this after encountering a negative person or event, we have chosen to re-stabilize our own energy, making it positive once more.

When we monitor our self-talk, as well as the energy we are putting out, we can head off any negativity we may be projecting onto others, which, in turn, comes back to us.

What we have to realize right now is that we are in the Dark Half of the Year, and will be until Winter Solstice. Negative energy abounds this time of year. Many are not even conscious of it, or conscious of the fact that they are spreading negative energy with every word they utter. However, if we apply the Hundredth Monkey effect to this, and take it upon ourselves to remain positive, to stay purified and grounded, and to keep our energy cleansed and our self talk positive, we assist the overall positive principle of the Universe in spreading positive energy, instead of negative.

You'll notice that a lot of bad things seem to happen more in the Dark Half of the Year, than they do in the Light Half, from Winter Solstice to Summer Solstice. Winter can be a depressing time for many, due to lack of sunlight. And yet, we can counter this, as well, by burning a yellow (Sun) candle on a daily basis.

There are many tricks we can use to remain positive. Awareness is but the first step. Centering oneself firmly in the middle of the Four Directions, can help one to remain positive, due to the Elements and Creature Beings associated with each of the Four Directions. Call on them for help, if need be. Eagle who lives in the East, can assist us in seeing the overall picture, instead of getting mired in the negativity of the moment. Coyote in the South can always help us to laugh, and laughter spreads positivity. Mother Bear in the West will share her strength with you, in times of need, so that you can stay aware, and stay positive and grounded, and not be sucked into any negative encounter. White Buffalo in the North reminds us to give thanks for what we have, and to share what we can, while also reminding us of the Sacredness of All Life.

Then there are the Four Elements. Air, in the East, can be consciously breathed into our bodies, to pull the positive life force into ourselves. Fire in the South assists us by fueling us with the energy we need to remain positive. Water, in the West, can wash away all of the negativity we've accumulated, and Earth, in the North, grounds us and connects us with All of Life.

By centering ourselves in the Four Directions, we pull their energies into our lives, and these energies assist us in staying on our Path, in staying positive, and in staying centered, no matter what happens to us externally.

If all else fails, call on Grandfather Sun, to shine His light on you. His light helps us to grow, to stay positive, and to feel those rays of energy in both our inner and outer worlds. His energy will cleanse negativity off of you, anytime you stand in His light and let it radiate throughout your being.

I see a lot of people this time of year with Solar Plexus Chakra blockages, probably due to the limited amount of sunlight we have available this time of year. Surrounding oneself with bright yellow energy, consciously changing one's aura color to bright yellow, wearing bright yellow clothing, and standing in the sunlight, can all assist in helping to remove this blockage. Just like Grandfather Sun, the color yellow is associated with laughter and happiness, which equals positivity!

Remembering to purify, to ground oneself, and to do whatever is necessary to keep our energy positive, helps to spread positive energy in the world, and this affects us all. The more who do this, the more positivity we spread. At the same time, it affects our own lives with even more positive results. Positivity multiplies in and of itself, when shared with pure intent. More importantly, it multiplies in our own lives, when we share it with others, creating magickal situations.

With practice, you can find that constant awareness of your energy, and begin turning negative events into positive experiences, just as I did at the arts and crafts show. Once you master controlling your own energy, you can then move to helping others to master these techniques. And this helps the positivity to spread, in all of our worlds.

Lastly, I'd like to offer a gentle reminder to stay purified during the remaining days of the Dark Half of the Year. It affects us all. It's that important.

Until next time,
May you Walk in Beauty...


  1. This was a great post. I have to admit that although i have a strong sensation of the power of the elements i do not call the four quarters except for spells. This made me feel i shoulf try it a little. Thank you.
    Brightest blessings.

  2. Wonderful insight!

    Bright Blessings!

  3. Thank you (blush). I'm glad it was helpful :)

  4. Michelle,thank you for your lovely post.Warmest Regards,Cat

  5. What an amazing post. In the field of work I do, this rings tried and true. As a tarot reader and clairvoyant, I am constantly opening my energy and what I call "uber-hyper-sensitive." It can be draining, and to return to the sunlight and brightness of yellow has been wonderful advice for me this week. Thank you so much for a wonderful post!