Thursday, July 21, 2011


Mother Goddess

Ethereal, compassion within you,
Bare feet on the earth with glistening obsidian mane,
Donned like a queen. Magnificent
Smiles on the daisies at your feet.
Soundlessly wrapped in your chrysalis,
Sparking inspiration as muses do.
Whispering children in the dark
From twilight to dawning morn.
O hear me, thy pagan Mother.

Elusive as secrets and sought out like wealth.
Closer than Yaweh.
Open-armed shutters, our haven’s protector.
Content as a babe at my breast
Like a cat warmed by the hearth.
A bubbling spring, flowing.
Sweet as strawberry to my lips.
Wooing, like a young lover -
A neophyte; a mirror of your truth.

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